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Activism Beyond the Interface: The Sandbox Project
The relevant tools, tools for thinking, are the ones that address and actualize the power of the situation, that make it a matter of particular concern, that is make us think and not recognize.
(Isabelle Stengers, Ecology of practices and technology of belonging, 2)

Photo curtesy of Collectif Artivistic

Activism beyond the Interface: the sandbox project originates from a desire to explore how new notions and practices of collaboration can emerge from the interplay between art, activism and technology. This project consists of a series of “multimedia” interventions that activists, artists and hackers develop in a semi-controlled environment, filtering their experiences through concepts borrowed from the arts and the sciences, from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and philosophy. The sandbox labs aim to develop meaningful interventions within the local community to which participants belong, while pushing the boundaries of collaborative work. The cycle of Sandbox events will culminate in the “reverse engineering” of a multimedia platform that rethinks the role of online/offline collaboration. Intended to relay and transpose the narratives and practices that emerge during the different labs, this platform will constitute the outcome, rather than the starting point of collaborations. Ultimately, the Sandbox Project is partly an attempt to question the limits of contemporary participatory cultures hyped by social media, and partly a creative endeavor to re-insert the body into sites of technologically mediated encounters by rethinking how we share, nurture and activate our intersubjective spaces.

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